Cardstock helps teachers and schools
communicate home with all families
the easy way.

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Cardstock is technology that's accessible to all families.


Whether it's a verbal high-five or a message of concern, Cardstock communicates home with simple text messages. Even in low-income communities, cell phones are present in almost 100% of households, double the rate of email.

And because you don't have to teach parents how to use their phone, you get to be a teacher, not tech support.

Cardstock speaks to families in their home language.


Machine translation is good enough for most of the short, quick praise and redirection Cardstock is best at. By translating both directions of the conversation, you get to have more frequent, formative check-ins.

Besides, there's no quicker way to get the front office to love you than to stop interrupting them to translate something. :)

Cardstock tracks communication so you don't have to.


Just as some students can fly under the radar, there's a natural tendency to communicate with some families more than others. Cardstock helps you highlight areas for growth and focus resources evenly across your whole roster.

(P.S. It's also the answer to the teammate who thinks you can just track this stuff on a shared spreadsheet...)

Cardstock provides rich data for teams.


Parent communication is a team sport, especially when a student sees multiple teachers across the school day. Cardstock makes it easy for teachers to see what other conversations are happening, and school leaders get a weekly view of communication across the whole campus.

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